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Custom Variety Pack - The Consistency of Variety

From time immemorial, loyal coffee drinkers have been led to believe that consistency must always go hand in hand with monotony.

"You like Colombian coffee? Sure, here is a three week supply", they are told.
"But what if I get tired of Colombian coffee after a few days and decide I want a French Roast?", they ask.
"Then you are welcome to buy a three week supply of French Roast as well," they are told.

Well, dear coffee lovers, we introduce to you the Custom Variety Pack, and with it a novel concept - the consistency of variety. You want the ease, convenience and deliciousness of single serve beverages but don't want to commit to one single taste for weeks at a time? How about a variety pack with 20, 30, 40 or 50 different coffees...sound good? Thought so!

We also make it simple to be prepared for guests with varying tastes, and we're a perfect way to make sure everyone in the workplace can find a brew for them in the breakroom.

Only Custom Variety Pack brings you a high caliber assortment of premium and hard to find brands, all in one box so nice that it's suitable to be given as a gift. 

Remember - if it's not from Custom Variety Pack, it's not an authentic custom variety pack!


Advantages of becoming a Custom Variety Pack customer

  • Enjoy the consistency of variety - a reliable, wide array of flavors every time
  • Never get stuck with too many of one flavor
  • Assortment in each pack gets adjusted every few months
  • For use with all Keurig k-cup compatible brewers, including the Keurig 2.0. Cups are repackaged and not in original packaging; K Cup, Green Mountain and Keurig are registered trademarks of Green Mounain and Keurig. Custom Variety Pack has no affiliation with Keurig and Green Mountain.